Horse Stall and Arena Bedding


Horse and arena owners have many choices when it comes to bedding for their horses’ stalls. Wood chip bedding can provide many positive results for horses.

¨     High Absorbency this allows for less bacterial growth and keeps ammonia lower

¨     Processed wood provides clean and dust-free chips without toxics or causing respiratory issues

¨     Reduces the amount of stall maintenance, but remember to clean stall daily for the health of the horse(s).

¨     Provides traction in the stall for the horse(s)

¨     Eliminates spores and dust often found in other forms of stall and arena bedding

¨     Keeps the number of flies down

¨     Lowers hydro carbons diminishing hives and coughing

¨     More economical because you use less

Providing quality bedding for your horse(s) can eliminate many health and safety issues for your horse(s).  It is important that a horses’ stall be cleaned of soiled bedding at least once a day.  This allows for a good place for the horse to bed, safety, and keeps bacteria growth down.

To clean your horse’s stall do the following:

¨     Make sure you have your equipment – shovel, wheelbarrow, and pitch fork

¨     Clear solid and wet waste from stall with shovel

¨     Move the remaining clean bedding to the side of the stall

¨     Sweep the floor clear with the pitch fork

¨     Clear the bedding of the walls of the stall

¨     Keep a high bank around the sides of the stall for warmth

¨     Empty the wheelbarrow contents in the waste pile

¨     Clean wheelbarrow thoroughly

¨     Add clean bedding to wheelbarrow and cover floor until you cannot feel through the bedding to the floor

¨     Clean all water buckets and provide clean fresh water

¨     Provide fresh hay in rack

For further information regarding quality stall bedding you can contact AMC Consolidated for further details.

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