AMC Consolidated Partnership with Peco Pallet

Peco Pallets

AMC Consolidated

AMC Consolidated has partnered with Peco Pallet, the red block pallets, for four years. Peco Pallet has seen continued growth and became a leader in the pallets pooling industry. The early 1990s found 18 independent pallet recyclers forming Peco Pallet in answer to the pallet monopoly held by an overseas company.

They began with supplying pallets to private label vendors and club stores. This allowed for efficiency and reduced costs. Peco Pallet became a strong competitor with quality customer service and products.

They grew through out the United States and began business in Mexico. They recently announced that they are expanding to Canada and continued expansion in the United States. They are looking to South America as their next area of expansion.

AMC Consolidated is currently the only depot for Peco Pallet in the state of Arizona. Peco Pallet has provided AMC Consolidated with expansion and growth. During 2011 Peco Pallet added 12-14 new customers thanks to our partnership we have seen continued growth.

Peco Pallet business is to work closely with manufacturers, distributors, and depots to provide new innovation regarding products, costs, and usability. Partnering with all sides of the pallet business Peco Pallet has continued to be an industry leader in blocked pallets. They have a 95% service rating score because they listen to all partners in the industry and respond within 24 hours to any issues that arise. This response time coupled with identify the root causes and taking the necessary steps to ensure the issue does not happen again allows Peco Pallet to be unmatched in the pallet industry.

AMC Consolidated enjoys the partnership with Peco Pallet because of their response time, quality customer service, and being an industry leader. This partnership has provided our company with the opportunity to build trusting relationships with our customers and work with an industry leader that will be a worldwide provider of pallets.

Uploaded: October 25, 2011

Contact: Luis Guerrero, Ed Soto

Business: AMC Consolidated

Phone Number: 1-602-233-9800


Web Site:

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