A great plant. I love this in my yard, it adds some color!



Lantana is a plant with small, oval, and tooth-shaped flowers that bloom in yellow, red, orange, pink, purple, or white. This plant provides great beauty, but has been used for:     

      Medicinal Purposes

      Stomach Problems



      Remedy for Snake Bites

      Paper Bulk


      Treat Skin Disease

      Lower Blood Pressure

Lantana is a great desert plant that can provide bright colors, easy to take care and greenery to your landscape. It attracts many different birds and insects:




Phoenix provides a great soil mixture for the lantana i.e. sand and clay, but really grows in any soil. The keys to growing lantana are:


      Full Sun

      Difficult Growing conditions (perfect for Phoenix)

      Prune in spring each year

      Frequent Watering

Lantanas grow quickly and in one season can reach its maturity. The flowers…

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