Pallet History

Producing Pallets

Pallets have played a vital role in shipment of products since the early 1920s. This development changed the way products were shipped from production to consumer. Wood pallets provide a smooth surface, even weight distribution, and vertical stacking reducing transportation costs and storage.  The greatest advantage was the time to load and unload product in regards to shipping.

The use of the pallet and forklift dropped the load time from 3 days to 4 hours. This provided a decrease in manpower, shipment costs, and production time to consumer.

Pallets have undergone many changes over time:

Uniformity for Shipment

Different types of Materials

Development of Forklift

Attachment on the Bottom on the Pallet

Stringent placed on the top

Pallets have revolutionized the ability for products to be shipped around the world in a cost-effective manner. There are regulations for shipping overseas i.e. heat treating, or kilning pallets prior to shipment. This protects against bugs, fungus, and disease.

Pallets are a product that is often missed by the consumer, but without them these products would cost more, take longer to arrive at the store, and overseas shipping would be very different.

AMC Consolidated works for you, their customer. Please feel free to contact us regarding any of your pallet needs, or 1-602-233-9800.


Uploaded: June 29, 2012

Contact: Ed Soto

Business: AMC Consolidated

Phone Number: 1-602-233-9800




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