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Marketing continues to develop and change over the last few years. Many companies have failed to stay connected during this change, while others have stepped up to the current developments and found a way to connect.

Companies have found ways to connect and meet their customers needs using new marketing developments. They have increased brand awareness, customer trust, and increased sales. A few of the examples of keeping their communications, brand, and mission cutting edge are:

  • Recently on Twitter Taco Bell and Old Spice created a conversation that was a media frenzy. The discussion between the companies was light hearted and created fun for the followers of each company. This builds brand awareness and conversations about each company.
  • BMW has remained cutting edge and using modern marketing to increase sales on snow tires. They developed a MMS for with a personal greeting and no need to click a link to get the details. The ad had a list of dealerships and prices for each model. This campaign created a 30% conversation rate.
  • Safeway grocery stores developed an application that allows customers to collect and use their store card via their mobile device, or desktop. The app allows for customers to view their current ad, find coupons, and create a shopping list. As the consumer uses this app the coupons will center on products used by the consumer. This allows for the consumer to save more money by having access to coupons and specials saving.
  • Nike developed an in store campaign using augmented reality. The consumer is able to go to the Finish Line store and use their mobile cameras to see virtual versions of their Air Max shoes. This campaign has added an opportunity to win a free pair of shoes.

These companies have developed new ways of reaching their customers. These developments allow for them to connect, communicate, gain trust, and open up opportunities for increased sales. Stay connected, consistent, and unafraid of trying something outside your box.

4Chion Marketing will be happy to assist through consultation or marketing specials to keep your business on the cutting edge and reaching customers. Please feel free to contact us today.

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Tammy is the director of 4Chion Marketing. She has spent her career in communications, web design, and Internet marketing. She has a master’s degree in Internet marketing, undergraduate in professional and technical writing, and published author.

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