Ways to Reduce Household Waste


AMC Consolidated believes in reducing product waste by reuse, re-thinking purchases, and extending products. We have developed our business concept on reducing our product waste. Reducing will not only assist in saving planet earth, but also will reduce waste in your home and increase savings.

The misconception about reducing waste in your home is that it is time consuming and how much difference can one family home makes on the planet. Every step we make does make a difference in planet earth. The steps to reduce waste in your home can create a home that is more organized and open up more time by reducing time management of waste.

Reducing waste will increase your savings. Purchasing products that are more environmentally created, bulk, or proper size allow for less storing space, reduced budgets and time manage of products. This will allow more enjoyment time in your life.

Reducing waste home waste:

  • Purchase product sizes according to needs.
  • Consider the amount of packaging a product contains i.e. an outside box and inner plastic wrapper.
  • Buy products in bulk and use reusable containers for items. This will reduce waste while saving money.
  • Make your own salad dressings, sauces, and cleaning products with products you already purchases saves on packaging, reduces salt and food budget.
  •  Look for products that include eco labeling with their products
  • Composting raw kitchen products or yard waste this can reduce waste by about 30%.
  • Grow your own food according to seasons. This will reduce packaging, allow for a healthier food choice, and reduce your food budget (use the composting for fertilizer)
  • Purchase products you can reuse for something else i.e. glass jars for storing.
  • Consider walking short distances or taking public transportation once a week. This will reduce the wear on your car, lower your gas budget, and reduce carbon emissions.

Reducing waste in your home can create more than a reduction of waste, but a reduction in chemicals, time management, and unnecessary products. For further information regarding reducing or our product concepts you can contact AMC Consolidated.

Contact: Ed

Business: AMC Consolidated

Phone Number: 1-602-233-9800

Email: sales@amcconsolidated.com

Web Site: http://www.amcconsolidated.com

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