Heat-Treating Pallets

Heat Treating Pallets

This regulation protects the spread and introduction of pest internationally. The difficulty of tracing the wood product because of recycling, re-used, or re-manufactured make it difficult to ensure the product is clear of all pests.

All pallets or skids must be phytosanitized to reduce the risk of introduction and/or spread of quarantine pests that can travel on wood pallets/skids. This process includes heat-treating all dry wood pallets for international use. This process eliminated bag bleed, mold, and insect infestation. Heat/Kiln treating are environmentally friendly treatments and makes the pallets lighter and stronger. When heat-treating the minimum requirement is:

  • Minimum wood core temperature 560C
  • Pallet or Skid must be heat 30 minutes
  • Kiln Drying is an acceptable way to heat-treat
  • Methyl Bromide should be less than 10C
  • Exposure for Methyl Bromide treatment can be no less than 24 Hours

All wood pallets or skids treated for international shipment must be stamped with a specific symbol to represent the treatment of wood.

Treating the wood pallets or skids eliminates the following insects and pest groups:

  • Anobiidae
  • Bostrichidae
  • Buprestidae
  • Cerambycidae
  • Curculionidae
  • Isoptera
  • Lyctidae
  • Oedemeridae
  • Scolytidae
  • Siricidae
  • Bursaphelenchus Xylophilus

The following organization requires heat-treating and kilning dry pallets, European Union (EU), American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC), and National Hardwood Lumber Association(NHLA).

When purchasing or receiving your pallets internationally look for the stamp that ensures your pallets meet the ISMP 15 requirements for treating pests. You may want to look for any certifications from organizations like, ALSC to ensure you are meeting all standards. To keep costs low and ensure pallets are meeting standards ask the pallet company if they are treating their pallets on site.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions or further information you may have about your international pallets and ISMP 15.

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