The Value of The Environment at AMC Consolidated

Reduce Reuse Recyclle AMC Consolidated is proud that we heat-treat our pallets. What is the process of heat-treatment? Why is it such an important factor of pallet distribution? In 2002, members of a UN convention developed publication 15 of The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM): this has set regulations to help prevent the spread of diseases and pests. Some of the most common insects that have caused harm through pallet shipment are:

These bugs are responsible for the depletion of many trees, and likely aided with untreated wooden packaging materials. All wood-based products that are imported or exported other countries must be fumigated with Methyl Bromide, or they must be heat-treated. Chemical treatment can be detrimental to our health and the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency issued a health hazard for the following side effects:

  • Short-term inhalation may severely injure lungs
  • Long-term inhalation can lead to neurological damage ( both humans & animals)
  • May cause cardiac arrest
  • Corrosive to skin
  • Corrosive to eyes
  • Contributes to the destruction of the ozone in the upper atmosphere

Chemical treatment is not practiced at AMC Consolidated. We protecting our employees, the environment, and consumers is a high priority at AMC. Heat-treatment on the other hand is a safe alternative to the toxic process. The heat treatment process consists of subjecting pallets to a constant temperature at least 140f thirty minutes. The high temperature and longevity the wood must withstand these. Ensuring that any insects or diseases potentially inhabiting our pallets are killed off. The heat-treating process is an uncomplicated one, for it requires only a few basic steps.

  1. Pallets are debarked.
  2. Pallets are placed in a heat-chamber (like you would place cookies in an oven).
  3. Pallets receive a stamp that certify they have complied with ISPM guidelines.

Heat Treatment Pallets ISPM 15 It is important to ensure that all pallets are free from diseases and insects; however, this precaution should not come at the cost of endangering the environment through chemical exposure. Heat-treatment is an environmentally and people-friendly process. AMC Consolidated is the only local company that has an on-site kiln to heat-treat for our pallets. Our process includes “kiln” is a process of drying in order to prevent the wood from mold and mildew. Kiln-drying is the extra step taken to guarantee safe, and good quality wood pallets. AMC Consolidated provides onsite heat-treating pallets for international shipments, Peco Pallets, a place to purchase older pallets, as well as a site for pallet production. We have the knowledge and expertise to meet your product shipping needs. We can assist with any of your questions regarding pallets. Please contact us or call 602-233-9800 for further assistance.

Phoenix The Land of Trees?


Phoenix the land of trees? It is a land of very beautiful desert trees, not just the various palm trees seen here. Phoenix’s mayor, Gordan initiated the tree and shade master plan in 2010. This plan outlines the importance and value that shade trees play in the Phoenix desert. Trees assist with the ecosystems, improvements for a healthier life, more livable communities, and a prosperous lifestyle.

There are many types of trees in the Phoenix area:

  • Box Elder/Ash Leaf
    • Growth 60 ft.
    • Blooms March and April yellow, green, and brown
  • Arizona Ash
    • Growth 30-50 ft.
    • Great for Summer Shade
  • Black Cherry
    • Growth 25-110 Ft.
    • Used for furniture, cherry flavoring, jams, and wine
    • Desert Willow
    • Growth 6-30 Ft.
    • Flowering tree with pink clusters
  • Western Soapberry
    • Growth 10-50 Ft.
    • Uses buttons, soaps, and necklaces. The fruit is not eatable
  • Arizona Sycamore
    • Growth 80 Ft.
    • Great for patio areas and blooms in spring
  • Palo Verde Tree (Blue Verde Tree is Arizona state tree)
    • Growth 33-39 Ft.
    • Blue-Green trunk
    • Matures quickly
    • Sheds year round
    • Beans were used as a food source by Native-Americans
    • Palm Trees
      • Queen Ann Palm ~ Tall, Graceful and leafy fronds.
      • Needle Palm ~ Compact and hardiest in the world
      • Saw Palmetto ~ Exotic fans and trunks grow several feet above ground.
      • Mexican Fan Palm ~ drought resistant and adaptable
      • Windmill Palm ~ hardy fans and a distinct looking trunk covered with brown fibers.
      • Sago Palm ~ this is actually a plant and not a true palm.
      • Pindo Palm Tree ~ feather leaf palm and various heights, colors, and trunk size.  
      • California Fan Palms ~ largest of all palms in the U.S. and also know as desert palm
      • True Date Palms ~ has edible dates and can reach heights of 100 ft.
      • Canary Island Date Palm ~ tough, durable and a leaf scar pattern on trunk.
      • Mediterranean Fan Palm ~ hardy in colder temperatures, shorter, and graceful.

The trees provide scenery of beauty and greenery in the desert landscape, while providing food, flowers, environmental benefits, and many products.

Caring for the each specific needs is important. All trees require proper watering, nutrition, and sunlight.  When pruning trees experience and knowledge is important. Palm trees requires pruning above the horizontal line and certain times.

AMC Consolidated is here to assist with your tree care. We are here to assist with proper pruning of your desert trees. For further information you can contact AMC Consolidated 602-233-9800 for further details.

Heat-Treating Pallets

Heat Treating Pallets

This regulation protects the spread and introduction of pest internationally. The difficulty of tracing the wood product because of recycling, re-used, or re-manufactured make it difficult to ensure the product is clear of all pests.

All pallets or skids must be phytosanitized to reduce the risk of introduction and/or spread of quarantine pests that can travel on wood pallets/skids. This process includes heat-treating all dry wood pallets for international use. This process eliminated bag bleed, mold, and insect infestation. Heat/Kiln treating are environmentally friendly treatments and makes the pallets lighter and stronger. When heat-treating the minimum requirement is:

  • Minimum wood core temperature 560C
  • Pallet or Skid must be heat 30 minutes
  • Kiln Drying is an acceptable way to heat-treat
  • Methyl Bromide should be less than 10C
  • Exposure for Methyl Bromide treatment can be no less than 24 Hours

All wood pallets or skids treated for international shipment must be stamped with a specific symbol to represent the treatment of wood.

Treating the wood pallets or skids eliminates the following insects and pest groups:

  • Anobiidae
  • Bostrichidae
  • Buprestidae
  • Cerambycidae
  • Curculionidae
  • Isoptera
  • Lyctidae
  • Oedemeridae
  • Scolytidae
  • Siricidae
  • Bursaphelenchus Xylophilus

The following organization requires heat-treating and kilning dry pallets, European Union (EU), American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC), and National Hardwood Lumber Association(NHLA).

When purchasing or receiving your pallets internationally look for the stamp that ensures your pallets meet the ISMP 15 requirements for treating pests. You may want to look for any certifications from organizations like, ALSC to ensure you are meeting all standards. To keep costs low and ensure pallets are meeting standards ask the pallet company if they are treating their pallets on site.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions or further information you may have about your international pallets and ISMP 15.

Roll-Off Trash

Roll-Off Trash

Roll Off Trash

Roll-off trash containers provide a way for large project managers to get all their trash collected and to the dumping facility safely. AMC Consolidated added this service to provide recycling and trash options to our clients.

A Roll-off trash container has four sides, but is open on the top. There is a door in the back that opens and closes. The truck gets its name from the fact that AMC Consolidated delivers the dumpster to your site and roll it off the semi in your yard, driveway, or project site.

Roll-off Trucks are used for:

  • Construction projects
  • Demolitions Remodeling
  • Moving
  • After a disasters i.e. natural, fires
  • Spring cleaning

You have the dumpster to fill level with the top of the container and depose of waste. When you have completed your project we collect the dumpster and we dispose of the waste according to regulations.

Roll-Off Trash Removal

The guidelines for what you cannot put in the dumpster are:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Chemicals
  • Asbestos materials
  • Any items that contain Freon
  • Tires
  • Liquids
  • Electronics

Many times some projects are recyclable materials and AMC Consolidated ensures that they are disposed of in the proper locations with the least impact on the environment.

AMC Consolidated does not add hidden charges such as line items, fuel adjustments, disposal fees, and ADEQ tax to name a few hidden charges. Many waste disposal companies add these charges to the invoice. We offer up front invoicing with competitive rates.

AMC Consolidated is licensed and fully insured to conduct business in Arizona. We are licensed in Scottsdale for hauling, some of the tightest restrictions for trash hauling in Maricopa County. AMC Consolidated offers 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard roll-off containers for removal of solid non-hazardous waste and recycled materials in the Phoenix metro area.

Please feel free to contact sales regarding your trash removal projects or questions. We will be happy to assist with your clean up projects.

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Ways to Reduce Household Waste


AMC Consolidated believes in reducing product waste by reuse, re-thinking purchases, and extending products. We have developed our business concept on reducing our product waste. Reducing will not only assist in saving planet earth, but also will reduce waste in your home and increase savings.

The misconception about reducing waste in your home is that it is time consuming and how much difference can one family home makes on the planet. Every step we make does make a difference in planet earth. The steps to reduce waste in your home can create a home that is more organized and open up more time by reducing time management of waste.

Reducing waste will increase your savings. Purchasing products that are more environmentally created, bulk, or proper size allow for less storing space, reduced budgets and time manage of products. This will allow more enjoyment time in your life.

Reducing waste home waste:

  • Purchase product sizes according to needs.
  • Consider the amount of packaging a product contains i.e. an outside box and inner plastic wrapper.
  • Buy products in bulk and use reusable containers for items. This will reduce waste while saving money.
  • Make your own salad dressings, sauces, and cleaning products with products you already purchases saves on packaging, reduces salt and food budget.
  •  Look for products that include eco labeling with their products
  • Composting raw kitchen products or yard waste this can reduce waste by about 30%.
  • Grow your own food according to seasons. This will reduce packaging, allow for a healthier food choice, and reduce your food budget (use the composting for fertilizer)
  • Purchase products you can reuse for something else i.e. glass jars for storing.
  • Consider walking short distances or taking public transportation once a week. This will reduce the wear on your car, lower your gas budget, and reduce carbon emissions.

Reducing waste in your home can create more than a reduction of waste, but a reduction in chemicals, time management, and unnecessary products. For further information regarding reducing or our product concepts you can contact AMC Consolidated.

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Pallet Shipment Standards

Top View of Palles

Pallets currently do not have universal standards. Many organizations have attempted to uniform measurements pallet standards. Each industry can present their standard to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)  has different standards for pallets. Pallet standards vary depending on the type of product and location of shipment.

The measurements begin with the first number being the stinger (Continuous, longitudinal, solid or notched beam-component) and the second number deckboard (Component of a pallet deck, perpendicular to the stringer or board) length.


ISO does not set the standards, but listen to industries regarding pallet standards. This process allows for the standards to be set according to for each industry need. Industry standards measurement standards have been established for some industries in North America:

Dimensions, mm

(W × L)

Dimensions, in

(W × L)

Production Rank

Industries Using
1219 × 1016 48 × 40 1 Grocery, many others
1067 ×1067 42 × 42 2 Telecommunications, Paint
1219 × 1219 48 × 48 3 Drums
1016 × 1219 40 × 48 4 Military, Cement
1219 × 1067 48 × 42 5 Chemical, Beverage
1016 × 1016 40 × 40 6 Dairy
1219 × 1143 48 × 45 7 Automotive
1118 × 1118 44 × 44 8 Drums, Chemical
914 × 914 36 × 36 9 Beverage
1219 × 914 48 × 36 10 Beverage, Shingles, Packaged Paper
889 × 1156 35 × 45.5 Unknown Military 1/2 ISO container, fits 36″ standard doors
1219 × 508 48 × 20 Unknown Retail

Please contact AMC Consolidated with your pallet questions and needs. We will be happy to assist with your pallet questions.

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Types of Wood

Wood For Pallets

When creating pallets the type and quality of wood are specific to accomplish the best results for intended use. When considering wood types for pallets the considerations are strength, durability, and recycling.

Types of wood used to create pallets vary in regions in the United States. Northern regions contain the least amount of wood and are mostly hardwood lumber. Southern and Western regions pallets are made mainly from softwoods. Western pallets use the most wood in production.

The reasons for the differences in regions are:

  • Wood available in the region
  • Industries needing shipment
  • Distance that products are being shipped

Wood pallets are produced to be expendable or reusable. Expendable pallets are limited use pallets and not expected to be reused again. Reusable pallets are built strong and durable wood.

Softwood use is a one-time use and often trashed after the first trip. This does not allow for pallet reuse. This wood requires lifting from both sides. Hardwoods provide reuse. The can be returned to the pallet company or resold as used pallets. They provide lifting from all four sides. The pallets usually provide a code for the types of loads they can carry.

Wood pallets can carry the following products:

  • General
  • FDA
  • Storage
  • Chemical
  • Export if heat-treated

AMC Consolidated currently uses KD-HT green Douglas fir, SPF-spruce pine fir, and some hardwoods. We have the expertise to meet your product shipping needs and understanding of pallet production. We can assist with your questions regarding your pallet order.

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July Landscape Guide

July is a hot month and working in your yard is not a great adventure, even at 5 AM. The average temperature for this month is 105, but this year the summer is hot. We do have some days of monsoon rains, but the produce on average a .6 inches of rain.

Watering is a key to keeping your landscaping plants surviving through hot days:

  • Water early or late in the day to prevent higher evaporation.
  • Increase water amounts and application to provide a way for plants to have a cooling source and enough water for the heat of the day.
  • Apply mulch around plants to prevent evaporation and provide a cooler for the roots.
  • Hose off plants to prevent mites and add humidity to the plant.
  • Lawn will need 1 inch of water per week to keep healthy and green.
  • Water deeply as the temperatures rise.

Providing adequate…

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 4Chion Marekting

Social media marketing provides a two-way communication between a business and the public. The communication must be viewed in a different light than traditional marketing. This medium allows for instant feedback regarding your products and services.

This allows for your company to address issues immediately and understand what strengths your company offers to customers. Setting up your company’s social media marketing should include:

  • Set goals
  • Observations
  • Build trust with your brand
  • Communicate honestly and directly to messages
  • Interact with customers
  • Gather leads and increase sales

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing allows communicating your knowledge and product immediately, while engaging with an audience.  Ways you can engage with your audience is:

  • Included your Facebook and Twitter address in your email signature
  • Keep an eye on your audience and remove those that are questionable or not following your business
  • Send a message daily to a few of your followers and make it a…

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4Chion Marketing


Facebook is where many customers or potential clients can be reached. Facebook provides a great venue to set up a business page and ways to connect with customers.

Facebook has gone from a college dating connector to worldwide social media site. Connecting the world in a way that has never been seen before. Businesses use Facebook to communicate with their customer base and reach their message to new customers that are interested in learning more about their products.

Reaching your specific market needs on Facebook amongst millions of users can seem taunting. The basics for building your brand, trust, and customers are:

  • Post a knowledge based message daily or more
  • Provide a visual with your content often
  • Add a link from your Facebook to your company email
  • Link your website with a button to connect to your Facebook account (make sure your page can open without being logged into…

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