July Landscape Guide

July is a hot month and working in your yard is not a great adventure, even at 5 AM. The average temperature for this month is 105, but this year the summer is hot. We do have some days of monsoon rains, but the produce on average a .6 inches of rain.

Watering is a key to keeping your landscaping plants surviving through hot days:

  • Water early or late in the day to prevent higher evaporation.
  • Increase water amounts and application to provide a way for plants to have a cooling source and enough water for the heat of the day.
  • Apply mulch around plants to prevent evaporation and provide a cooler for the roots.
  • Hose off plants to prevent mites and add humidity to the plant.
  • Lawn will need 1 inch of water per week to keep healthy and green.
  • Water deeply as the temperatures rise.

Providing adequate…

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 4Chion Marekting

Social media marketing provides a two-way communication between a business and the public. The communication must be viewed in a different light than traditional marketing. This medium allows for instant feedback regarding your products and services.

This allows for your company to address issues immediately and understand what strengths your company offers to customers. Setting up your company’s social media marketing should include:

  • Set goals
  • Observations
  • Build trust with your brand
  • Communicate honestly and directly to messages
  • Interact with customers
  • Gather leads and increase sales

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing allows communicating your knowledge and product immediately, while engaging with an audience.  Ways you can engage with your audience is:

  • Included your Facebook and Twitter address in your email signature
  • Keep an eye on your audience and remove those that are questionable or not following your business
  • Send a message daily to a few of your followers and make it a…

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4Chion Marketing


Facebook is where many customers or potential clients can be reached. Facebook provides a great venue to set up a business page and ways to connect with customers.

Facebook has gone from a college dating connector to worldwide social media site. Connecting the world in a way that has never been seen before. Businesses use Facebook to communicate with their customer base and reach their message to new customers that are interested in learning more about their products.

Reaching your specific market needs on Facebook amongst millions of users can seem taunting. The basics for building your brand, trust, and customers are:

  • Post a knowledge based message daily or more
  • Provide a visual with your content often
  • Add a link from your Facebook to your company email
  • Link your website with a button to connect to your Facebook account (make sure your page can open without being logged into…

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 4Chion Marketing

2012 is more than half way over and marketing trends are in full swing. There continues to be a need to connect with consumers, keep up with cutting edge development, and get your message across the vast Internet. Here are the top marketing trends for 2012 (not in particular order):

  • Location social media and applications still concerns about privacy consumer want them
  • QCR apps scan boxes on business cards, menus, and grocery stores to name a few
  • Augmented reality the uses are endless for marketing!
  • Social media marketing needs to be expanding for small business
  • Social media marketing is producing brand awareness. Stay active and current with your social media accounts.
  • Video production is key to reach your audience and the consumer who find video resourceful. Search engines like Google
  • Content developing around your brand and product stories is essential.
  • Being relevant to your customers through blogs, social…

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Companies and Marketing Trends

4Chion Marketing

Marketing continues to develop and change over the last few years. Many companies have failed to stay connected during this change, while others have stepped up to the current developments and found a way to connect.

Companies have found ways to connect and meet their customers needs using new marketing developments. They have increased brand awareness, customer trust, and increased sales. A few of the examples of keeping their communications, brand, and mission cutting edge are:

  • Recently on Twitter Taco Bell and Old Spice created a conversation that was a media frenzy. The discussion between the companies was light hearted and created fun for the followers of each company. This builds brand awareness and conversations about each company.
  • BMW has remained cutting edge and using modern marketing to increase sales on snow tires. They developed a MMS for with a personal greeting and no need to click a link to get the details. The ad had a list of dealerships and prices for each model. This campaign created a 30% conversation rate.
  • Safeway grocery stores developed an application that allows customers to collect and use their store card via their mobile device, or desktop. The app allows for customers to view their current ad, find coupons, and create a shopping list. As the consumer uses this app the coupons will center on products used by the consumer. This allows for the consumer to save more money by having access to coupons and specials saving.
  • Nike developed an in store campaign using augmented reality. The consumer is able to go to the Finish Line store and use their mobile cameras to see virtual versions of their Air Max shoes. This campaign has added an opportunity to win a free pair of shoes.

These companies have developed new ways of reaching their customers. These developments allow for them to connect, communicate, gain trust, and open up opportunities for increased sales. Stay connected, consistent, and unafraid of trying something outside your box.

4Chion Marketing will be happy to assist through consultation or marketing specials to keep your business on the cutting edge and reaching customers. Please feel free to contact us today.

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Tammy is the director of 4Chion Marketing. She has spent her career in communications, web design, and Internet marketing. She has a master’s degree in Internet marketing, undergraduate in professional and technical writing, and published author.