AMC Consolidated History

AMC Consolidated

AMC Consolidated AMC Consolidated was purchased by IBS, Inc. in 1990. This mission was then established, “We work for you.” AMC Consolidated’s goal of high level of service at a reasonable price was set in place. The 1990’s brought about some changes for AMC Consolidated. The company began to look at how the company could reduce waste and increase recycling. These changes fit the mission protecting the environment and expanding their product line allowed for the customer to meet their needs at one location for wood products.

Roll-Off Trash Removal

 The company added Roll-Off trash removal services. This fleet of trucks contains open top containers, over the road tractors, 48’ flat bed trailers, and 53’ dry vans. This allowed for our company to handle most materials from construction, landscaped, cardboard, paper, plastic etc. This increased our ability to encourage recycling and assist our customers with that need. This allowed for us to meet our second goal of recycling our products and giving our customers the option to recycle at a reasonable cost.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We began to recycle our wood products for use as landscaping mulch, playground covering, and trail covering. The allowed for us to continue to work for our customers they could obtain their wood shavings and mulch products at our location. This allowed us to meet our second goal of eliminating waste and reusing our products. This mulch is known throughout the Phoenix valley.

Playground Covering

We have our products in development and school playgrounds, as well as numerous homes.

Horse and Arena Bedding

AMC Consolidated began creating and mixing our arena/horse bedding from new wood that was at the pallet yard. This allowed for us to expand our product line and increase our customer satisfaction with our variety of products. The bedding is found in many local boarding and arenas. This continued to allow us to work for our customers.

The new millennium brought about new opportunities with Peco Pallet. This increased our ability to work with our customers and increase our customer base. We began heat-treating pallets to meet international regulations. We currently have the only kiln in the Phoenix area for the sterilization meeting the IPPC international standard. We received minority owned business status. Pallets are our passion and we continue to provide quality pallets to our customers around the Phoenix area, U.S. and internationally.

We continue to find ways to ensure that our pallets meet the current guidelines, standards, and customer stratification. Our customers have provided us with the ability to continue to increase our product line and services. They continue to provide feedback and information that allows us to continue to improve our company and meet our mission, “we work for you our customers.” We would like to say thank you to our customers for making  AMC Consolidated a great company without your continued support we would still be only pallets. Please feel free to contact AMC Consolidated for further details.

Horse Stall and Arena Bedding


Horse and arena owners have many choices when it comes to bedding for their horses’ stalls. Wood chip bedding can provide many positive results for horses.

¨     High Absorbency this allows for less bacterial growth and keeps ammonia lower

¨     Processed wood provides clean and dust-free chips without toxics or causing respiratory issues

¨     Reduces the amount of stall maintenance, but remember to clean stall daily for the health of the horse(s).

¨     Provides traction in the stall for the horse(s)

¨     Eliminates spores and dust often found in other forms of stall and arena bedding

¨     Keeps the number of flies down

¨     Lowers hydro carbons diminishing hives and coughing

¨     More economical because you use less

Providing quality bedding for your horse(s) can eliminate many health and safety issues for your horse(s).  It is important that a horses’ stall be cleaned of soiled bedding at least once a day.  This allows for a good place for the horse to bed, safety, and keeps bacteria growth down.

To clean your horse’s stall do the following:

¨     Make sure you have your equipment – shovel, wheelbarrow, and pitch fork

¨     Clear solid and wet waste from stall with shovel

¨     Move the remaining clean bedding to the side of the stall

¨     Sweep the floor clear with the pitch fork

¨     Clear the bedding of the walls of the stall

¨     Keep a high bank around the sides of the stall for warmth

¨     Empty the wheelbarrow contents in the waste pile

¨     Clean wheelbarrow thoroughly

¨     Add clean bedding to wheelbarrow and cover floor until you cannot feel through the bedding to the floor

¨     Clean all water buckets and provide clean fresh water

¨     Provide fresh hay in rack

For further information regarding quality stall bedding you can contact AMC Consolidated for further details.