Mulch for Your Ground Covering

Landscape Ground Cover

Mulch is a protective covering that allows for vibrant finished appearance, and imitates the ground covering found in a forest. Mulch is one of the most beneficial materials you can do to your soil and plants.  Besides the items above mulch provides the following:

  • Seed germination reduction
  • Soil temperature regulation
  • Assists with drought and dessert conditions
  • Assists with reduction of weeds
  • Provides fertilizer
  • Encourages growth of beneficial soil organisms such as worms their feces is one of the best fertilizers, soil conditioners, and they till the soul
  • Keeps soil off plants especially during rain preventing crusting on plants
  • Increases water absorption
  • Improves soil nutrients and structure for plants
  • Beautifies trails, playgrounds, and gardens with contrasting coloration
  • Decomposing bark mulch does not use soil nitrates

Bark mulch once in place will last for years and is inexpensive with high benefits. When installing the bark it is best to layer two to three inches thick. Each season that mulch is applied will provide different benefits. Winter/early spring it will act as a slow insulator. Mid-summer will help maintain the highest soil temps into late fall. The best time to apply bark mulch is late spring or early summer. This provides best results because soil temperature is high and plants are well established after winter or planting.  The will provide the best coverage and provide the best benefits for your garden.

For further information you can contact AMC Consolidated or your local mulching company for further details.

AMC Consolidated is Growing and Expanding


AMC Consolidated is pleased to announce that we have expanded our business in recent months. We would like to thank our customer current and past for their continued support. We continue with the attitude that we work for our customers.  We have expanded our ability to produce the demand for more products and maintain our highest standards, our customer’s standards


            Our growth and expansion includes increasing our customer base, Peco Pallet orders, and product sales. We have worked to ensure that our products and service remain the highest quality for our customers.  Thank you to our customers, community, and industry who turn to AMC Consolidated for their wood product needs.


            AMC Consolidated is located in the Phoenix AZ metro area. We pride ourselves in working for our customers. We have developed our products with you, the customer in mind, the environment, and excellence in products and service. We are a minority certified business owner.

 Roll Off Trash

            AMC Consolidated has been in business for over 20 years. We have grown from pallets to various wood products, and roll off trash removal. We have reduced our waste and continued to support our goal of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

AMC Consolidated products and services include:

AMC Consolidated produces high quality wood products meeting local and international regulations. We have provided products worldwide and look forward to assisting your company with your wood product needs. Please contact us or call 602-233-9800 for further assistance.

Playground Mulch Guidelines

Playground Covering

AMC Consolidated provides mulch playground covering. We have provided this product to local school districts and housing developments. This high quality product provides much need safety and aesthetics for any play area.


Placing mulch on your playground you want to ensure that you pay attention to shock absorption (ASTM F1229-09). This standard guideline is based on the material and maximum height that will not cause head injury.


When laying the mulch down consider the following for injury prevention:


  • Where your children’s feet land
  • Where your children’s feet leave the ground
  • Climbing areas
  • Swings
  • Monkey bars


These areas need to make sure that mulch is placed in these areas according to the ASTM F1229-09 i.e. 9 ft. fall 7 in. (please check guidelines for specific measurement. When laying the mulch consider:


  • Drainage
  • Containing the playground area so the mulch is not tracked off
  • Keep in mind that over time mulch will compress so more depth is needed when initial laid
  • Maintain mulch depth for injury prevention


When choosing the best material for your playground keep in mind that rubber ground covering materials can cause a reaction to those allergic to latex and an allergic reaction can develop due to exposure.


AMC Consolidated works for you, their customer. Please feel free to contact us regarding any of our products, or 1-602-233-9800.





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