Pallet Terminology for Ordering

AMC Consolidated

When ordering pallets there are many items that must be considered. Understanding the terms will assist with providing you with the exact pallet and requirements needed for your product shipping and moving needs.  This list will provide you with many terms to assist with your pallet ordering process.


Terms Definition
Annular Nail Pallet nail with annular (circular ring) threads rolled onto the shank
Banding notch Bottom Inner Lead Board
Bin Four-sided superstructure to be mounted on a pallet base, with or without a cover
Block Rectangular, square or cylindrical deck spacer
Block Pallet Pallet with blocks between the pallet decks or beneath the top deck
Bottom Deck Deckboards Assembly comprising of the lower, load bearing surface of the pallet
Buttered Deckboard Inner deckboard placed tightly against an adjacent lead deckboard during pallet assembly
Captive Pallet Not intended for exchange or trade. Use within a single facility.
Chamfer Cut made in wood at a 45° angle
Chamfered deckboards Deckboards with edges of one or two beveled faces, either along the full length of board or between the stringers blocks, allowing entry of pallet jack wheels
Closed distribution system Shipping system restrictive of movement goods between specific plants and facilities
Collar Wooden container that transforming a pallet into a box
Cost-per-trip Cost for one way single trip for pallet
Custom Pallet A Pallet built to specific design requirements
Deck Matt Forming deck portion of pallet. Consists of assembly of deckboards and stringerboards.
Deckboard Component of a pallet deck, perpendicular to the stringer or board
Deckboard spacing Distant between deckboards that are adjacent to the deckboard
Deckboard span Distant between supports of deckboard
Deflection A pallets bending or deformation in a pallet.
Double-face pallet Top and bottom decks pallet.
Double-wing pallet Top and bottom decks extending passed the edges of the stinger or boards.
Drive screw nail Threaded pallet nail that continuously spirals.
Fastener Joining pallet components nails, staples, bolts etc.
Flush pallet Deckboards that is flush with stinger or boards.
Fork entry Deck opening between the top deck or underneath stinger board.
Free span Space between supports in the warehouse rack.
Hand (wheel) jack opening Space on bottom deck to allow pallet jack wheels to bear on the floor
Handling Pick up, movement, and setting down of loaded or empty pallet.
Hardened-steel nail Nail that is heat-treated and tempered steele.
Hardwood  Hardwoods provide reuse. The can be returned to the pallet company or resold as used pallets
Heat Treatment Pallets are ISPM 15 treated for international treatment
Helical nail Threaded pallet nail that continuously spirals.
Inner deckboard Deckboard located between the end deckboards
International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) Directly addresses the need to treat wood materials of a thickness greater than 6mm, used to ship products between countries
Joint Location where connection and intersection of components. They are called center joint, end joint, and corner joint.
Lead boards
Length The stinger/stingerboard length
Life to first repair
Line load Weight unit load concentrates along the narrow area across the full length or width of the pallet
Load bearing surface Pallet area that actually comes in contact with and supports the product.
Non-reversible pallet Top and bottom deckboards are different.
Notch Area that is cutout in the lower portion where the fork lift enters the pallet.
Notched stringer Stinger and two notches spaced for the forklift to enter pallet.
Overhang Distance deck extends from outer edge of the stringer or board, wing, lip, or distance the unit load extends beyond the deck.
Pallet Portable, horizontal, rigid platform set as a base for assembling, storing, stacking, handling and transporting products as a unit load.
Pallet Design System (PDS) Computer-aided design program determining the safe load capacity, performance, life and economy of wood pallets.
Pallet jack Propelled by hand wheeled platform, lifting device equipped for moving palletized loads
Pallet life The time period that a pallet is usable for lifting and moving.
Pallet-dimensions 48″ x 40″ pallet that has a 48″ stringer or stringerboard and 40″ deckboards
Panel deck pallet Composite or structural panel top deck of constructed pallet.
Partial four-way stringer pallet Notched stinger pallets.
Post pallet Fitted pallet with posts or blocks between the deck or underneath top deck.
Racked across deckboards Deflection of pallet where rack frame supports only at the ends of the deckboards
Racked across stringers Deflection of pallet where rack frame supports only at the ends of the stringers or boards
Recycled Pallets A pallet that is reused, or salvaged, repaired.
Rental pallet Pallet that is owned by a third party not the actual owner of the pallet.
Repair Repair pallet for use again.
Returnable/reusable pallet Pallet used for more than one use.
Reversible pallet The top and the bottom of pallet are identical.
Shipping pallet This pallet is used for one shipment.
Shook Pallet parts cut to size that can be assembled into a pallet.
Shook grade Quality of pallet parts relating to the performance of the pallet based on size and defects.
Single-wing pallet Pallet with the top deckboards extending beyond the edges of the stringers or boards and bottom deckboards flush.
Skid No bottom deck on pallet.
Slave pallet Pallet, platform or single, thick panel used as a support base for a palletized load in rack-storage facilities or production systems
Soft nail Pallet nail with an angle equal to or greater than 47 degrees
Softwood One-time use and often trashed after the first trip. Made from coniferous or needle-bearing trees
Solid deck pallet No spacing between deckboards
Span Distant between stinger or block.
Stevedore pallet Seaport shipping pallet, heavy duty, or double wing construction.
Stiff-stock steel nail Nail made of medium-high carbon steel no heat treatment angle between 29 and 46 degrees
Strap slot Recess or cutout on the upper edge of the stringer. Allow tie-down of a unit load to the pallet deck with strapping/banding.
Stringer Continuous, longitudinal, solid or notched beam-component of the pallet used to support deck components. Outside or center. stringer
Stringer board Block pallets, continuous, solid board member extending for the full length of the pallet perpendicular to deckboard members and placed between deckboards and blocks
Take-it-or-leave-it pallet Pallet fitted with fixed cleats on the top deckboards to permit fork truck tines to pass beneath the unit load and remove it from the pallet
Top cap Panel placed on top of a unit load to allow for tight strapping not damaging the product.
Top-deck of the pallet Deckboard assembly with an upper load carrying surface pallet
Trip Handling of a pallet.
Two-way entry pallet Unnotched solid stingers allowing only one end entry from the ends
Unit load Product or assembled goods on a pallet for moving, storage, and stacking.
Warehouse pallet Multiple trip pallets for warehouse use.
Wing Deckboard end overhang from outside edge of stringer or board

AMC Consolidated provides onsite heat-treating pallets for international shipments, Peco Pallets, purchase older pallets, and pallet production. We have the knowledge and expertise to meet your product shipping needs. We can assist with your questions regarding your pallet. Please contact us for your order today.


Mulch for Your Ground Covering

Landscape Ground Cover

Mulch is a protective covering that allows for vibrant finished appearance, and imitates the ground covering found in a forest. Mulch is one of the most beneficial materials you can do to your soil and plants.  Besides the items above mulch provides the following:

  • Seed germination reduction
  • Soil temperature regulation
  • Assists with drought and dessert conditions
  • Assists with reduction of weeds
  • Provides fertilizer
  • Encourages growth of beneficial soil organisms such as worms their feces is one of the best fertilizers, soil conditioners, and they till the soul
  • Keeps soil off plants especially during rain preventing crusting on plants
  • Increases water absorption
  • Improves soil nutrients and structure for plants
  • Beautifies trails, playgrounds, and gardens with contrasting coloration
  • Decomposing bark mulch does not use soil nitrates

Bark mulch once in place will last for years and is inexpensive with high benefits. When installing the bark it is best to layer two to three inches thick. Each season that mulch is applied will provide different benefits. Winter/early spring it will act as a slow insulator. Mid-summer will help maintain the highest soil temps into late fall. The best time to apply bark mulch is late spring or early summer. This provides best results because soil temperature is high and plants are well established after winter or planting.  The will provide the best coverage and provide the best benefits for your garden.

For further information you can contact AMC Consolidated or your local mulching company for further details.

Roll-Off Trash

Roll-Off Trash

Roll Off Trash

Roll-off trash containers provide a way for large project managers to get all their trash collected and to the dumping facility safely. AMC Consolidated added this service to provide recycling and trash options to our clients.

A Roll-off trash container has four sides, but is open on the top. There is a door in the back that opens and closes. The truck gets its name from the fact that AMC Consolidated delivers the dumpster to your site and roll it off the semi in your yard, driveway, or project site.

Roll-off Trucks are used for:

  • Construction projects
  • Demolitions Remodeling
  • Moving
  • After a disasters i.e. natural, fires
  • Spring cleaning

You have the dumpster to fill level with the top of the container and depose of waste. When you have completed your project we collect the dumpster and we dispose of the waste according to regulations.

Roll-Off Trash Removal

The guidelines for what you cannot put in the dumpster are:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Chemicals
  • Asbestos materials
  • Any items that contain Freon
  • Tires
  • Liquids
  • Electronics

Many times some projects are recyclable materials and AMC Consolidated ensures that they are disposed of in the proper locations with the least impact on the environment.

AMC Consolidated does not add hidden charges such as line items, fuel adjustments, disposal fees, and ADEQ tax to name a few hidden charges. Many waste disposal companies add these charges to the invoice. We offer up front invoicing with competitive rates.

AMC Consolidated is licensed and fully insured to conduct business in Arizona. We are licensed in Scottsdale for hauling, some of the tightest restrictions for trash hauling in Maricopa County. AMC Consolidated offers 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard roll-off containers for removal of solid non-hazardous waste and recycled materials in the Phoenix metro area.

Please feel free to contact sales regarding your trash removal projects or questions. We will be happy to assist with your clean up projects.

Business: AMC Consolidated

Owner: Luis Guerrero

General Manager: Ed Soto

Phone Number: 602-233-9800


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Horse Arena Bedding


 Arena Bedding Horses

Horse and arena owners have many choices when it comes to bedding for their horses’ stalls. Wood chip bedding can provide many positive results for horses.

High Absorbency this allows for less bacterial growth and keeps ammonia lower. Processed wood provides clean and dust-free chips without toxics or causing respiratory issues

Reduces the amount of stall maintenance, but remember to clean stall daily for the health of the horse(s).

  •  Provides traction in the stall for the horse(s)
  •  Prevents injuries
  •  Joint Disease
  •  Eliminates spores and dust often found in other forms of stall and arena bedding
  •  Keeps the number of flies down
  •  Lowers hydro carbons diminishing hives and coughing
  •  More economical because you use less

Providing quality bedding for your horse(s) can eliminate many health and safety issues for your horse(s).  It is important that a horses’ stall be cleaned of soiled bedding at least once a day.  This allows for a good place for the horse to bed, safety, and keeps bacteria growth down.

To clean your horse’s stall do the following:

  •  Make sure you have your equipment – shovel, wheelbarrow, and pitch fork
  •  Clear solid and wet waste from stall with shovel
  •  Move the remaining clean bedding to the side of the stall
  •  Sweep the floor clear with the pitchfork
  •  Clear the bedding of the walls of the stall
  •  Keep a high bank around the sides of the stall for warmth
  •  Empty the wheelbarrow contents in the waste pile
  •  Clean wheelbarrow thoroughly
  •  Add clean bedding to wheelbarrow and cover floor until you cannot feel through the bedding to the floor
  •  Clean all water buckets and provide clean fresh water
  •  Provide fresh hay in rack

AMC Consolidated provides high quality arena bedding for your stall needs. For further information regarding quality stall bedding you can contact AMC Consolidated for further details.

Uploaded: September 20 2013

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AMC Consolidated is Growing and Expanding


AMC Consolidated is pleased to announce that we have expanded our business in recent months. We would like to thank our customer current and past for their continued support. We continue with the attitude that we work for our customers.  We have expanded our ability to produce the demand for more products and maintain our highest standards, our customer’s standards


            Our growth and expansion includes increasing our customer base, Peco Pallet orders, and product sales. We have worked to ensure that our products and service remain the highest quality for our customers.  Thank you to our customers, community, and industry who turn to AMC Consolidated for their wood product needs.


            AMC Consolidated is located in the Phoenix AZ metro area. We pride ourselves in working for our customers. We have developed our products with you, the customer in mind, the environment, and excellence in products and service. We are a minority certified business owner.

 Roll Off Trash

            AMC Consolidated has been in business for over 20 years. We have grown from pallets to various wood products, and roll off trash removal. We have reduced our waste and continued to support our goal of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

AMC Consolidated products and services include:

AMC Consolidated produces high quality wood products meeting local and international regulations. We have provided products worldwide and look forward to assisting your company with your wood product needs. Please contact us or call 602-233-9800 for further assistance.

Ways to Reduce Household Waste


AMC Consolidated believes in reducing product waste by reuse, re-thinking purchases, and extending products. We have developed our business concept on reducing our product waste. Reducing will not only assist in saving planet earth, but also will reduce waste in your home and increase savings.

The misconception about reducing waste in your home is that it is time consuming and how much difference can one family home makes on the planet. Every step we make does make a difference in planet earth. The steps to reduce waste in your home can create a home that is more organized and open up more time by reducing time management of waste.

Reducing waste will increase your savings. Purchasing products that are more environmentally created, bulk, or proper size allow for less storing space, reduced budgets and time manage of products. This will allow more enjoyment time in your life.

Reducing waste home waste:

  • Purchase product sizes according to needs.
  • Consider the amount of packaging a product contains i.e. an outside box and inner plastic wrapper.
  • Buy products in bulk and use reusable containers for items. This will reduce waste while saving money.
  • Make your own salad dressings, sauces, and cleaning products with products you already purchases saves on packaging, reduces salt and food budget.
  •  Look for products that include eco labeling with their products
  • Composting raw kitchen products or yard waste this can reduce waste by about 30%.
  • Grow your own food according to seasons. This will reduce packaging, allow for a healthier food choice, and reduce your food budget (use the composting for fertilizer)
  • Purchase products you can reuse for something else i.e. glass jars for storing.
  • Consider walking short distances or taking public transportation once a week. This will reduce the wear on your car, lower your gas budget, and reduce carbon emissions.

Reducing waste in your home can create more than a reduction of waste, but a reduction in chemicals, time management, and unnecessary products. For further information regarding reducing or our product concepts you can contact AMC Consolidated.

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Business: AMC Consolidated

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Wood Pallets Provide Great Use, Reuse, and Protection

Kiln for Pallets

AMC Consolidated provides pallets that meet or exceed industry standards for shipment and storing of products. AMC Consolidated wood pallets are made with uses KD-HT green Douglas fir, SPF-spruce pine fir, and some hardwoods. This allows for AMC Consolidated pallet to be:

  •       Bio Degradable
  •       Affordable
  •       Reusable
  •       Durable
  •      Heat Treated according to the ISPM 15
  •      Recyclable
  •      Do not require chemicals for production


Wood For Pallets

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are important factors in keeping the earth cleaner. AMC Consolidated pallets being biodegradable and reusable allows for our pallets to be earth friendly and a sustainable product. Wood pallets reuse can include:

  • Furniture
  • Kitty Litter
  • Wood Pellet Fuel
  • Potty Benches
  • Composite Bins

Biodegradability of AMC Consolidated pallets provides a product that can be, “broken down in a reasonable amount of time.”  The ability to remain a green company is a priority for AMC Consolidated.

We have taken the time to ensure that our pallets are meeting the ISBM standards and our customers’ needs. Our pallets are created with the process of sustainability incorporated. We heat-treat our pallets according to ISMP 15, we produce our pallets for the ability to be reused, biodegradable, and reduced.

AMC Consolidated

AMC Consolidated produces high quality pallets meeting local and international regulations. We are the only local pallet yard that heat-treats their pallets for shipment. We have sent pallets worldwide and look forward to assisting your company with your material handling needs. Please contact Ed or call 602-233-9800 for further assistance.